Wireless charging generate additional revenue

Wireless inductive charging offers users a simple way to increase the state of charge of mobile devices, while avoiding the need for cables or plugging in. By offering an easy and inexpensive wireless charging option to your customers, you are making them feel valued and welcome in your place of business. Our wireless charging solution provides a tangible benefit to your clients, helps to increase customer retention and satisfaction, as well as increasing the amount of time spent in your establishment.

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Display your brand image

Customization options for the interchangeable charging surface allow you to add your logo, advertise promotions or even to sell extra publicity and marketing space to your suppliers.

Our clients

Restaurants / Bars / Terraces

Now is the time to make life simpler and easier for your customers!

Many businesses in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and bars), transport, public areas and retail spaces are employing the Moblek wireless charging solution to redefine and improve the customer experience.


"Installing wireless charging in all of our rooms provides a real benefit. We wanted to give our international clientele a more comfortable experience by offering this practical and hi-tech feature. We are also helping to eliminate the worry and stress of a forgotten cable or charger adaptor-our customers loved the wireless charging option and even told us so!"

Rotisserie St-Hubert

"Thank you for your quick, efficient and professional service, as well as the top-quality installation of the wireless chargers. Our customers are already making great use of these simple and practical tools. Not that I was worried, but you exceeded my expectations by completing the installation process in one evening, leaving my restaurant in the same condition as before. The wireless charging solutions are very much appreciated by our clients. Gone is the mess of cables, as well as managing the waiting list for chargers.

You have made my clients very happy, and you can consider me a satisfied customer.!"

Hôtel Le Germain

"We are happy to offer wireless charging in all of our suites : our guests appreciate their convenience and speed, and from our side we find they fit very well into the design of the rooms-it’s a real win-win situation!"

Groupe Sport Scene

We are delighted with the wireless chargers installed in our restaurants. It is an undeniable value for our customers who have the freedom to recharge their devices during their visit.

Romain Jadot
Director of operations


Martin Nadeau

Rotisserie St-Hubert

Alex Kassatly
General Manager

Hôtel Le Germain

François Xavier Pilon
Vice President

Groupe Sport Scene

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3700 St-Patrick, Office #318, Montréal, H4E 1A2, Qc, Canada

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