What is inductive charging?

The Wireless Power Consortium has developed a standard for the near-field wireless transmission of energy which they call Qi. Pronounced ‘chee’ and meaning ‘energy’, the Qi system is a magnetic resonance inductive coupling between two coils for the purpose of safe and efficient transfer of energy from the transmitter to the receiver.

The Qi system includes a medium power transmission, or in other words a charger, and a receiver in the mobile device that is compatible. To use this system, simply put the smartphone on the charger, which creates a magnetic field and recharges the device by magnetic induction. The regulation of the output voltage is controlled by a chip in the transmitter that communicates with the receiver and which controls the power levels. The receiver may require more or less power depending on the state of charge of the battery.

Inductive charging creates simple solutions to easily charge your mobile devices without the need for a physical connection. It is a great example of the implementation of ever advancing technology.

Smart charging

Our modules are built with the latest version of Qi 1.2.4 which recognizes and supports all phones that require 5W up to 15W to optimize the charging efficiency.

What are the advantages of wireless charging compared to wired charging?

  • A safer way to transfer power to your smartphone
  • Easier for the user. Simply place the mobile device on the charging surface.
  • Intelligent charge control prevents premature battery failure.
  • Wireless charging does not require any cables or wires.

Features of the Moblek induction charging modulesⒹ

  • Fast

Fast charge capability for an improved user experience

  • Universal

Charges all Qi compatible devices

  • Effective

Efficient energy transfer

  • Economical

Low electricity consumption - Standby mode when there is no phone